Executive Board Elections

Executive Board Elections

No longer taking applications

The English Undergraduate Organization Executive Committee is comprised of the leading undergraduate scholars and service leaders in Ohio State’s English community. While there are no academic or leadership requirements to apply for Executive Committee roles, we encourage students passionate about program development and service to apply. We also encourage all students interested in shaping the current English community to join our social, service, and outreach committees, which are led by executive committee members.

Please contact osu.eugo@osu.edu to express your interest in any of our planning committees.

Applications for the 2016-2017 academic year will end Sunday, April 10.


The President helps all meetings and events run smoothly. A good president should keep meetings on task and encourage creative, productive ideas amongst members. The President represents the organization as a liaison between outside organizations and EUGO, speaking directly with EUGO advisers, the English Department Chair, and English Instructors. The President is required to occupy a seat on the Undergraduate Studies Committee and the English Department Council to represent the undergraduate opinion. Expect to spend a lot of time on this position.

The Vice President will serve as the Sigma Tau Delta President and so must meet Sigma Tau Delta membership requirements. The Vice President will manage Sigma Tau Delta membership and organization requirements including

  • registering applicants with international Sigma Tau
  • submitting the Bylaws and Constitution for Sigma Tau
  • organizing the Annual Book Sale

As Vice President of EUGO, you may also be responsible for organizing mini-activities for members to do at general meetings on which no other committee event is planned. The Vice President should also be prepared to run meetings when the President is absent.

Sigma Tau membership requirements include

  • $50 one-time payment of dues
  • 3.0 GPA in English and 3.3 GPA overall
  • Have taken 6 semester hours past English 1110
  • Submit a Degree audit
  • Fill out the application (linked below)

Note: As Sigma Tau Delta President, you must attend OSU’s president training session. Also, the EUGO VP/Sigma Tau President cannot inherit the EUGO Presidency but facilitates a new election for said vacancy if President steps down.

The Secretary will take notes effectively and make sure that meetings are productive: focus on creating action items and ensure topics are thoroughly discussed before moving on. The Secretary will also participate in EUGO’s collaborative work ethic; when something needs done, take the initiative by making sure it gets done. If the Exec Board’s leadership needs help conducting an event or forming a strategy, help them.

The Treasurer is in charge of keeping records of all purchases and subsequent reimbursements. The debit card and bank account are registered in the president’s and treasurer’s names to allow for dual access. The checkbook, finance records, and account information is kept in a binder or folder that the Treasurer keeps and brings to every EUGO meeting.

Along with managing EUGO’s accounts, the Treasurer will work on fundraising initiatives throughout the year including but not limited to executing bake sales, t-shirt sales, Word Mug sales, and acquiring sponsors and donations.

The Treasurer for Sigma Tau Delta’s account is similar to the role of the EUGO Treasurer, but the Treasurer for Sigma Tau must meet Sigma Tau’s requirements. This Treasurer will work with the EUGO Treasurer to sponsor events, will be in charge of the Sigma Tau card, checkbook, bank account, and purchasing of a payment option for the Annual Book Sale.

Sigma Tau membership requirements include

  • $50 one-time payment of dues
  • 3.0 GPA in English and 3.3 GPA overall
  • Have taken 6 semester hours past English 1110
  • Submit a Degree audit
  • Fill out the application (linked below)

The Communications Chair will manage EUGO’s social media presence on the Facebook and Twitter account. The Communications Chair will also complete tasks such as

  • Regularly checking and responding to the EUGO gmail
  • Sending weekly newsletters and reminders to EUGO members
  • Updating the Google Calendar
  • Maintaining the WordPress Website*
  • Designing and posting fliers for all events

*Basic knowledge about HTML and CSS, or the desire to learn this skill, is necessary for working with the website. The current webmaster will set up a meeting with the Communications Chair before the end of the Spring 2016 Semester to tour the website.

The Social Committee Chair will head the Social Committee, which will brainstorm, plan, and execute social activities for all EUGO members. Some established events include the Halloween party, Trivia Night, game nights, and movie nights. The Social Committee Chair’s role will cross into the social parts of other committees’ events, so be prepared for collaboration with other Committee Chairs, and contribute to the dialogue between the chairpersons by presenting possible events and by accepting and giving suggestions.

The Service Committee Chair will head the Service Committee, which will brainstorm, plan, and execute service activities for all EUGO members. The first event (and probably the only event during fall semester) the Service Committee Chair will head is the Annual 5k Run for Education.

Race tasks include

  • Coordinating date of the race with Rec Sports (completed for 2016)
  • Promoting race to student body and general public
  • Organizing logistics of race day and plan accordingly
  • Executing plans on race day

After the race, Service Committee Chair will work with volunteer organizations and bring in speakers to promote local charities and organizations: these should provide relevant service events and opportunities for EUGO members.

The Outreach Committee Chair will head the Outreach Committee, which will brainstorm, plan, and execute presentations and visits to Columbus area and secondary schools. These presentations include information promoting the English Major, The Ohio State University, and college in general.

Coordination includes

  • Getting in touch with school officials to establish time, date, technology, and more for presentations
  • Organizing transportation to and from the schools
  • Preparation of materials
  • PowerPoint and handout design detailing the marketability, opportunities, and course trajectory associated with being an English Major at Ohio State
  • Knowledge about the English major and college experience in general to prepare for questions from high school students

Enthusiasm for public speaking, the English Major, and Ohio State is helpful.

For more information about executive committee or general member duties, in accordance with the English Undergraduate Organization’s constitution, please visit the Ohio Union’s student organization directory.